You may wonder what exactly the term prediabetes means. It's actually the stage before diabetes. When you are at this stage, your blood glucose level is slightly higher than normal though medically speaking you don’t have diabetes yet.

Diabetes is tested by doing a fasting blood sugar test. It measures the level of blood glucose in your blood after you have gone without food for at least eight hours. This test can provide lifesaving diabetes information.

The following table explains fasting blood sugar levels and how doctors diagnose diabetes:

Fasting Glucose LevelDiagnosis
Greater than 120
(3 blood draws)
Type 2 Diabetes

Please Note: We feel that fasting glucose levels greater than 100 (not 110) is dangerous.

Another test for diagnosing diabetes is the oral glucose tolerance test. For this test you go without food for eight hours and two hours before the test you take a glucose based drink.

But what should be the hallmark test for diabetes is the oral insulin tolerance test.

The following table shows how some people can have normal fasting blood sugar levels and oral glucose tolerance tests but are abnormal with an insulin test:

Fasting GlucoseGlucose ToleranceInsulin Tolerance

Many people are told they have normal fasting glucose and normal glucose tolerance. However, if your doctor does not check an insulin tolerance test you might still be in danger.

We strongly suggest that you talk to your doctor about an insulin tolerance test.

Sometimes the beginning stages are referred to as impaired glucose tolerance or even impaired fasting glucose tolerance. The doctors name it on the basis of the test that they have conducted to determine your diagnosis.

Hence, prediabetes and impaired glucose tolerance are the same things.

Prediabetes may lead to stroke and heart attack. However all the ill effects can be minimized with proper care. You can prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes by doing moderate exercises and by following a proper diabetic diet.

This is important because if you have pre diabetes your chances of heart diseases and other cardiovascular problems is at least 50% above normal.

Your diet for pre diabetes condition should consist of eating more of grains, starchy vegetables, beans and minimum of sweets, fats and alcohol. There is a diabetic food pyramid to guide you and you should try and follow it.

At the bottom of the pyramid is the low calorie food and at the top is the high calorie food. So if you have eaten something from the high calorie group then you must balance your intake by eating something from low calorie group.

You should try and eat more of carbohydrate rich food like wheat, oats and rye along with peas, and beans. You may also opt for vegetables like chicory, spinach, cabbage, tomatoes etc. Fruits like grapes, bananas pears peaches etc fall in the next category.

You should have low fat dairy products and have lean meats, fish and poultry. You should have small portions and cut off fat meat and avoid potato chips, cookies, candy and cakes etc.

Prediabetes is a serious condition that requires proper diagnosis by your doctor. Talk to your doctor about obtaining an insulin tolerance test, today.

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