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Borderline Diabetic Diet

An Early Dietary Intervention Plan

A borderline diabetic diet reverses prediabetes in 4 simple steps. Preventing full-blown diabetes is ONLY possible with early dietary intervention.

A brief summary of the diagnostic criteria established by conventional doctors is available. Simply click here to open a PDF file containing the information.

Not only does the diet plan target the underlying causes of high blood sugar, but also protects against the damaging effects. The steps target and correct four metabolic abnormalities associated with prediabetes.

The dietary interventions employed by the diet plan are shown below:

Disease TargetsBeneficial Results
Abnormal Sugar MetabolismPrevents Sugar Spikes
Insulin ResistanceLowers Fasting Blood Sugar
Oxidative StressRestores Metabolism
Glycation ReactionsPrevents Medical Complications

The 4 Diet Steps

Step #1
Abnormal Sugar MetabolismPrevent Sugar Spikes
  1. Eat 1200-2000 calories per meal (never over 2000)

  2. Eat 5 grams of soluble fibers with each meal

  3. Drink 1 oz/day of apple cider vinegar with largest meal

  4. Supplement with Chromium 250 mcg/day

  5. Eat 3 servings of root vegetables everyday (but not potatoes)

  6. Supplement with Probiotics 5-10 billion colonies/day (good gut bacteria)

Step #2
Insulin ResistanceLower Fasting Blood Sugar
  1. Muscle toning exercises (resistance bands)

  2. Cook with olive oil and safflower oils

  3. Take fish oils 4000 mg/day

  4. Supplement with R-Lipoic acid 250 mg/day

  5. Eat 3 servings/day of dark veggies (beets, kale)

  6. Supplement with vitamin D3 2000 units/day

Step #3
Oxidative StressRestore Healthy Metabolism
  1. Drink whey protein shakes 20 grams/day

  2. Take reduced glutathione 200 mg/day

  3. Take a green tea supplement everyday

  4. Supplement with CoQ10 200 mg/day

  5. Eat 3 servings/day of dark fruits (pomegranates)

  6. Supplement with vitamin E 400 units/day

Step #4
Glycation ReactionsPrevent Medical Complications
  1. Carnosine

  2. Benfotiamine

  3. B6 vitamers

  4. Cook meats on low heat

  5. PS caps

  6. Supplement with vitamin B12 (methyl-form) 5 mg/day

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