Make Your Blood
Glucose Monitor Work

A blood glucose monitor plays an important part in helping you gain greater blood sugar control...what we call the Control It! program (more on this later).

There are many different types of meters to choose from, but a few things to research before purchasing a monitor check are covered here.

We also outline five things you could do each day to help improve the performance of your monitor and optimize blood glucose levels. These are not technical things for your monitor, instead the 5 things listed are what you can do to make your monitor work...better!

Blood Glucose Monitor

Make Your Monitor Work

The five things you can do with the data obtained from your monitor to make it better, include:

  1. Keep track of average blood glucose readings & standard deviations during a 24 hours period.

  2. Link readings to real events and specific meals.

  3. Keep track of blood glucose patterns, when lows and highs happen and what follows the highs and lows.

  4. Show the trends to your doctor for better treatment evaluations.

  5. Use the blood glucose readings to calculate and predict the carbohydrate load per meal.

Bookmark this page and return frequently for details on how to perform the steps above to help make your monitor work...better!

Monitor Characteristics

The things to look for when purchasing a blood glucose meter, include:

  1. Test Times...the best meters range from 5 to 50 seconds.

  2. Sample Sizes...only consider monitors that require sample sizes from .3 to 1 microliter.

  3. Multi-Site (Alternate Sites)...totally a preference, yes or no.

  4. Memory...the best meters have enough memory to store from 250-500 events.

  5. Software...a modern monitor provides the software to use the meter, with lifetime updates.

  6. Testing Strips...most companies will provide refill strips for huge discounts (even for free, just ask them).

The Blood Glucose Monitor Table

We will continue to update the table and soon provide links to the best distributors for purchases. So keep coming back back to this page.

Abbott Meters

Bayer Meters

Diagnostic Meters

Home Meters

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