Diabetic Diet Innovations

Nutritional Guidance
for Lifelong Health

Get proactive! Learn how to make your diabetic diet work with innovative nutritional strategies. Think of us as your personal guide leading the way towards lifelong health.

Our experts firmly believe that diabetes is curable and completely preventable with dietary modification. Hippocrates understood how important food is for healing when he said...

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine, Let Medicine Be Thy Food"

Our mission is to help you beat diabetes. The information presented is solution-oriented with action steps for getting started. We provide answers to questions like...

  • What foods should I eat?
  • What foods should I avoid?
  • How many calories can I eat in a day?
  • How can I prevent sugar spikes?
  • Should I take supplements? Which ones are the best?

The Life Extension Foundation offers a comprehensive diabetes protocol. It reviews the risk factors, explains the underlying causes, and discusses alternative therapies.

When finished with the protocol, follow the Diet Insider for the latest updates in diabetes research and treatment strategies.

Our team of experts present cutting-edge nutritional strategies in a user-friendly manner. Topics covered include dietary guidelines, recipes, supplements and much more.

Don't forget...food is the best medicine. So make your diabetic diet work and let us guide you towards lifelong health.

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Diabetes Information
A new approach to diabetes information is needed because the conventional wisdom has failed us. Traditional medicine ignores the underlying problems and can actually make things worse.
Diabetes Control
Optimal diabetes control needs a new approach because the conventional wisdom has failed us. a plan that integrates nutritional strategies with traditional medicines offers the most for success.
Diabetic Diet Guidelines
Innovative diabetic diet guidelines your doctor won't tell you about. All natural protection against high blood sugar.
Top Sugar Busting Nutrients
Consider supplementing your diet with these sugar busting nutrients. Combined, these nutrients can help control blood glucose spikes, improve metabolism, and restore insulin sensitivity.
Diabetic Food Pyramid
The diabetic food pyramid is built with four types of food: metabolizers, promoters, reducers, and protectors. No diabetic diet is complete without them.
Four Types of Diabetes Food
The four types of diabetes food. A diet rich in foods that help to metabolize blood sugar, promote insulin sensitivity, reduce oxidative stress, and protect from glycation, is the best medicine.
Diabetic Diet Plan
Innovations in the design of the ideal diabetic diet plan is, simply put, saving lives. Dietary modifications can have a remarkable impact on prevention and treatment.
Diabetic Diet Sample
Check out our diabetic diet sample and evaluation for the most popular diabetic diets. We know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed and frustrated when trying to design a nutritional regimen.
Diabetic Menu
Learn how to design a diabetic menu that fills you up, satisfies your hunger for great tasting food, and even helps you gain optimal blood sugar control.
Diabetic Recipes
Learn how to create diabetic recipes that help to optimize your health. You can also share your favorite recipes with other diabetics.
Make Your Blood Glucose Monitor Work
How to make your blood glucose monitor work...better!
Diabetic Diet Blog
The Diabetic Diet Blog publishes daily news reports on the latest innovations in diabetes prevention and treatment strategies. Subscribe here.
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